Wardrobe and Image Consulting

An integrated approach to a refined style

Is the appropriate way of dressing a matter of money? Is a large budget enough to assure a contemporary woman the proper appearance for every occasion? Or an impeccable appearance  is depended upon the clever management of the wardrobe and the attention toward the details that would make the difference?

It would have been much simpler for Andria to support the initial point of view. And having worked at the House of Christian Dior Haute Couture in Paris, her choice to work with precious and expensive materials would have been most obvious.

Andria deeply understands the needs of today's woman, and feels that her needs demand fashionable choices for her different roles in every day life. The working woman's demanding schedule, the mother, the wife and every woman who fulfills her social calendar in unique fashion, all within her budget.

Andria's Wardrobe and Image Consulting is a particular service provided to her customers. Unlike the service of Personal Shopping and given its typical high budget, this service offers an intelligent and holistic approach to shopping. Andria's atelier assesses the customer's personality, lifestyle, personal style, desired appearance and budget. Based on all these parameters, and by combining existing clothing and accessories with new, recommendations are offered for a new or modified wardrobe. The customer with Andria's guidance and assistance makes the new purchases. Modifications if necessary will be made. And when sur mesure dresses are requested the Andria's atelier completes the unique wardrobe.

Finally, several wardrobe combinations will be proposed and prepared for most occasions so the customer saves time and avoids costly mistakes. The result is an impeccably dressed customer fully confident with her appearance.



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